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Technology is one of our key elements to be able to successfully implement construction projects within daily hospitality operations.

Technology Benefits:

Check and Balance resource capacity


Plan, schedule, and control complex projects with minimal delay


Allocate best resources and track progress during the entire construction process


Monitor and visualize project performance versus plan


Conduct all possible alternative strategies and evaluate them continually


Implementation of efficiency in entire entity:

We believe there is too much waste on both material selection process and the labor productivity in hospitality construction industry. For FCI Hospitality, it is about making the best possible use of resources. We constantly aim to maximize outputs from given inputs, and so minimize their costs.

Efficiency is not a onetime process, instead, it is a constant methodology that keeps the entire process lean, clean and cost effective all the time.

Efficiency Benefits:

Keeping the entire process with less layers and faster communication ways

Minimizing the redundancy

Decrease error rates during production/construction process


We prefer to say “Yes” in a hospitality construction industry that generally lean on the word “No”

Flexibility Benefits:

Minimizing conflicts between parties

Increase customer satisfaction

Approaching to issues in an open, creative, and constructive approach

Vertical Integration

Our primary goal is actually to boost the overall efficiency and to cut down costs all throughout the construction project delivery process, therefore creating value to our customers. Due to the increasing advancements and sophistication of technology within the management system of construction industry, increasing the communication levels and keeping the high quality output is more reachable than ever during the construction projects.

With the help of vertical integration process, we are successful to:

- Have more control over the project schedules


- Lower costs of transaction and maximize the communication capabilities


- Gain more cost control


- Ensure a high level of certainty when it comes to quality


- Provide more competitive advantages not only to us but to our customer with the desired quality and cost outcome



Partnership Service Program (PSP)

To meet with all your construction service needs, we have developed the Partnership Service Program (PSP) to assist you with additional construction tasks upon completion of the initial project. The PSP leverages our knowledge of your facilities to provide a cost-effective approach to meeting the market's demand for minor construction projects.

FCI Hospitality's PSP saves you time and money by eliminating the arduous process of researching, vetting, and selecting multiple vendors. Our PSP creates the opportunity of additional time for your property maintenance to focus on their daily operations. Additionally, the PSP will give you peace of mind by working with a reputable partner. Our clients appreciate that FCI Hospitality PSP can help resolve urgent unforeseen circumstances.




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